*pre-order 4 weeks* Eternus-D Botanical Micropeel Gel Cleanse 50g







>保加利亞玫瑰活性成分 Bulgarian Rose 


>薰衣草精油 Lavender Essential Oil 


>檸檬花 Citrus Lemon Flowers 


>維他命C Vitamin Ester C  




潔面後,稍微加濕面部,取適量於面上輕輕打圈按摩,避免眼部四周,再以溫水清洗即可。 建議每週使用一至兩次。



    3 Minutes to Perfect, Clear Face

    Size : 50g

    Main Effects:​​

    • Mildly cleanses and exfoliates for rejuvenated skin.
    • Significantly improves uneven and dull skin tone, and rapidly lightens scars and marks.
    • Inhibits sebum secretion and prevents pore from clogging, reducing the causes of large pores.
    • Cleans and purifies thoroughly and effectively to remove dirt, enhancing skin absorption of follow-up skincare products.


    Main Ingredients:​​

    • Bulgarian Rose - Promotes skin cell metabolism to enhance skin moisturization, tightness and glow; maintains healthy skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles.
    • Lavender Essential Oil - Effectively soothes and purifies skin, lightening scars; removes dirt from and minimizes pores, and inhibits excessive sebum with powerful penetration.
    • Citrus Lemon Flowers - Effectively provides anti-oxidation and prevents damage from free radicals with powerful water replenishment, restoring brightness to dull skin.
    • Vitamin Ester C - Strengthens skin immunity, skin cells and elasticity; lightens pigmentation to whiten skin and encourages the growth of collagen to protect skin from damage.
    • AHAs - A mild type of AHA extracted from natural plants such as lemons; accelerates skin cell renewal, dissolves dirt in pores and enhances better skin absorption of follow-up skincare products.

    *This product contains lavender oil; avoid during pregnancy.



    • Wet face and neck before applying with fingertips. Massage onto the skin, avoiding eye area, rinse-off with lukewarm water. Use once or twice a week.

    Made in Switzerland 


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