*pre-order 1-2 months* Eternus-D Pore Refining White Tea Cream 30g 毛孔細緻白茶面霜 30g


阻隔有害污染  體驗零毛孔美肌



  • 促進細胞代謝,改善毛孔粗大外觀,減少黑頭形成。
  • 加速皮膚細胞解毒,刺激皮膚自身排毒及淨化功能,解決各種炎症及暗瘡問題。
  • 含多種高效保濕成份,迅速舒緩保濕及消除紅腫,並加速傷口癒合。
  • 阻隔碳粒子、重金屬等有害物質損害肌膚,增強肌膚抵禦能力,全面呵護肌膚。


  • 毛孔緊緻因子 - 針對改善毛孔粗大成因,如多餘油脂阻塞毛孔,肌膚老化造成的鬆弛。維持角質正常代謝,刺激膠原自生,從而達至細緻毛孔功效。
  • 白茶提取物 - 提取自高山的白茶葉,又被稱為“雪茶”,是大自然的貴寶之一。能迅速消除紅腫,壓抑皮膚過敏及皮膚炎等功效。具有高效抗氧化功能,防止衰老。
  • 負離子多醣 - 是一種抗污染活性成份,能於肌膚表面形成保護膜,阻隔碳粒子、重金屬及有害污染物,並有效抵禦紫外線及自由基帶來的傷害。
  • 有機紅葡萄提取物 - 有效加速皮膚細胞解毒,增強皮膚自身排毒及淨化功能,保護皮膚免受外界環境損害。誘導肌底透明質酸增生,增強組織結構,保持肌膚健康緊實。


  • 早晚潔面後,取適量均勻塗於臉部及頸部,輕柔按摩至完全吸收。可配合精華液使用以達至最佳效果。

    Enjoy Zero-Pore Beauty Against Pollution

    Size : 30g

    • Enhances metabolism and minimizes large pores to reduce blackheads.
    • Stimulates skin's ability to detoxify and purify, and tackles problems such as inflammation and pimples.
    • Contains multiple effective hydrating ingredients that rapidly relieve, soothe and reduce redness in skin, quickening healing.
    • Blocks harmful substances such as carbon particles and heavy metals to strengthen the skin's defense and provide comprehensive protection.

    Main ingredients:

    • Multi-action Pore Refiner - It targets causes of large pores such as excess sebum production and sagginess from ageing by maintaining normal metabolism of keratin, stimulating collagen reborn and refining pores.
    • Camellia Sinensis Extract - Also known as “snow tea” in Chinese, it is extracted from high altitudes and is a valuable, natural cure to redness and swelling. It helps inhibit sensitivity and inflammation and prevents ageing with anti-oxidation.
    • Filmo Protective Active - It is an active, anti-pollution agent that builds a protective layer on the skin to block harmful pollutants such as carbon particles and heavy metals, rejecting damages from UV rays and free radicals.
    • Aglianico Grape Marc Extract - It accelerates and strengthens the skin's ability to detox and purify against environmental damages. It also helps induce the generation of hyaluronic acid, invigorate skin structure and keep it firm and healthy.


    • Every morning and evening, smooth over thoroughly cleansed and toned skin of face and neck using a gentle ascendant motion.

        Made in Switzerland

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