Eternus-D Pure White Serum 35ml


革命性淨白配方 打造白滑透亮肌



  • 針對性淡化色斑,改善膚色不均,大幅度減少暗斑,肝斑及色素沉著。
  • 深入肌膚底層,分解黑色素,使肌膚白滑透亮。
  • 具保濕功能,防止細胞老化,促進細胞新陳代謝。
  • 減低肌膚被陽光照射的紫外線損害。



  • 白文殊蘭萃取物 - 改善膚色不均,大幅減少各類型色斑及色素沉著。
  • α-熊果苷 - 有效抑制肌膚的酪氨酸酶的活性,阻止黑色素形成,能迅速滲入肌膚,通過與酪氨酶直接結合,加速黑色素分解。祛除色斑及雀斑,同時具有殺菌、消炎的作用。
  • 雙花扁豆干細胞提取物 - 能抵禦紫外線UVA及UVB,防止肌膚因受日曬而提早衰老。



  • 早晚使用。潔面後,取適量均勻塗於色素沉澱部位,避開眼睛,輕柔按摩至完全吸收。可配合面霜使用以達至最佳效果。


Revolutionary Whitening Formula to Lighten Complexion for Fair Skin

Size : 35ml

Main Effects:

  • Reduces the size and pigmentation of dark spots, improves skin uniformity. Diminishes excess age spots, liver spots and pigmentation.
  • Penetrates the dermis of the skin, reduces pigmentation and whitens and smoothens skin.
  • Provides moisturization, prevents aging of skin cells and speeds up cell replacement.
  • Reduces the degree of skin damage after UV exposure. 


Main Ingredients:

  • Sand Lily - Improves skin uniformity, diminishes excess spots and pigmentation. 
  • Alpha-arbutin - By blocking epidermal melanin biosynthesis through tyrosinase inhibition, it minimizes pigmentations and freckles. Reduces acne lesions and inflammation.
  • Dolichos biflorus cultured stem cells extract - Resists UVA & UVB and prevents aging caused by constant exposure to sunlight.



  • Apply a small amount directly to affected areas, avoiding eye area, after cleansing and toning. Massage gently until fully absorbed. Use morning and night

Made in Switzerland

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