Elicina Xtreme Facial Mask 75g


智利 Elicina 蝸牛面膜含天然蝸牛萃取物,具有強大再生和修復功能,能促使肌膚在保濕狀態下快速再生,以達到修復疤痕、美白淡斑、袪除痘印和收縮毛孔等美容功效。 此商品擁有獨特的活性成份,經過嚴謹科學驗證,除了蝸牛萃取成份,內含天然成份維他命B1、C、尿囊素(Alantoin)和桃葉珊瑚,能提供強大抗毒素功效,促進膠原蛋白自然生產,賦予肌膚抗老化與再生的功能,能自然去角質,減少肌膚老化問題,令皮膚恢復彈性。為使肌膚達致更好的使用效果,建議定期使用面霜和眼霜。





Elicina Xtreme Facial Mask is the result of a prolonged study of the natural propertis of its exclusive active ingredients: the snail extract original of Elicina (of well known regenerative properties) associated to the plantain extract, which oafter rigorous scientific studies, we have been able to determine the presence of the following natural properties in it: Vitamins B1 and C, Alantoin and Aucubin (powerful antitoxin of local action and the promoter of the natural production of Collagen).  Both extracts deliver a double nutritive, anti aging and regenerating potency to the skin.  Elicina Xtreme Snail-Plantain is a hydro-nutritive and exfoliant mask that diminishes the sings of facial aging and delays its progression in an intensive treatment of only 10 minutes a week.  Elicina Xtreme works like a natural and intensive cocktail that exfoliates, decongests, regenerates and nurtures the tissues helping it to recover its elasticity and firmness leaving your skin renovated and soft.  Elicina Xtreme pampers your sin providing noble nutrients obtained in natural form from the extract of the snail and plantain combined, such as: Alantoin, Collagen, Elastin, Proteins, Glycolic Acid, Aucubin and Vitamins B1 and C.

How to use:

On dry clean skin apply a thin layer all over the face avoiding eye contour, month and neck.  Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse till no traces are left.  Repart this process once a week.

Made in Chilee k

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