2018 X'mas Zkin Hand Cream Set (org $894 / now $715.2)


zkin Soothing Hand Cream 50ml x 6

all skin types

臨床試驗表明7天的結果在通過皮膚減少水損失的30%的日常使用。有機Cocoa Butter 可保護脂質層和有機膠體燕麥可舒緩燙傷和痕癢, 修復皮膚-  容易吸收而且唔笠!(工業用既手尤其適用) .


“Daily use for 7 days results in a 30% reduction of epidermal water loss**”

This amazing product features an organic extract from Cotton Thistle (Gatuline Skin Repair Bio) which promotes in-depth skin regeneration. Clinical tests show daily use for 7 days results in a 30% reduction of water loss through the skin. Combined with organic Cocoa Butter for its protective lipid layer and organic Colloidal oatmeal to relieve inflammation and itchiness while shielding the skin, this bounty of skin loving ingredients gets results.

How to use:  Massage into hands daily. With frequent use of disinfectants or aggressive soaps or when dermatitis is present repeat the application as needed.

Made in Australia

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