Meet the powder puff 2.0

Your grandma’s powder puff just got a makeover. This double-duty tool is perfectly sized and shaped so you get a meticulous application every time. Unlike messy round puffs, the teardrop shape offers precision to chisel cheekbones, bake concealer, set makeup and so much more. An insanely soft plush pink side contains special fibers that grab and deposit just the right amount of powder. The tan buffed suede side gently reblends makeup so it looks incredibly smooth and seamless, like you just applied it.


Deposit powder with the plush pink side to set and bake makeup. Reblend and touch-up using the tan buffed suede side.


Target contours of the face with the narrow tip, insert fingers into the pocket for further precision.


Rest hands on puff during application to prevent makeup from smudging.

What we’re made of

Set, bake, and touchup powder formulas with this double-sided precision cosmetic puff.

這款雙功能定妝工具,尺寸和形狀均能完美對準鑿顴骨,作修飾﹑遮瑕及定妝作用。 柔軟的粉紅色毛邊包含特殊的纖維,可以抓住並沉積適量的粉末。 淺黃色絨面革則能桀和的重新混合妝容,使其看起來光滑無縫。

1.定妝 - 用粉紅色的粉末面按壓及定妝。淺黃色絨面革側面重新混合和修飾。
2.針對 - 使用窄尖端對準面部輪廓,將手指插入口袋中進一步針對位置。
3.休息 - 使用過程中隨時將手放在粉撲上避免被化妝品弄髒。

Made in USA


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