Eternus-D Aqua Vitality Eye Cream Gel 15ml


注入無限活力 瞬間打造水盈閃亮明眸

• 層滋潤,提升肌膚含水量,有效防止油脂粒形成。

• 收緊並提升眼部鬆弛的肌膚,令雙眼皮線條立現。

• 顯著減少眼部細紋、乾紋及魚尾紋。


• 梨果仙人掌幹細胞提取物 -  有效改善肌膚黯黃色調,刺激細胞內的彈性蛋白和透明質酸之形成,保護並延長細胞的基質和壽命。

• 咖啡樹幹細胞提取物 -  填補細胞因失去脂肪後引起的老化現象,撫平皺紋。

• 異構寡糖 -  天然植物性長效保濕劑,調整肌膚PH值,為肌膚補充足夠水分並防止水分流失。

 • 提拉因子 -  能在肌膚表面形成具有彈性的保護膜,收緊並提升鬆弛的肌膚。




Revitalize the Shine in Your Eyes


  • Intensive nourishment to enhance your skin’s moisture content and prevent the formation of fat granule.
  • Tightens and lifts the loose skin around your eyes, instantly revealing your double eyelids.
  • Significantly erases eye wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet.
  • Improves the dull skin tone around your eyes.

Main Ingredients:

  • Effectively improves dull skin tone and stimulates the formation of elastin and hyaluronic acid within cells to protect and prolong the cytomatrix and life of cells.
  • Repairs aging cells as a result of the loss of fat and smooths wrinkles.  
  • A long-term, natural botanical moisturizer that adjusts your skin’s pH level, hydrates your skin and prevents moisture loss. 
  • Forms an elastic, protective layer to tighten and lift loose skin.


After cleansing and toning, gently dab and massage the delicate area around the eyes thoroughly with fingertips. Use in the morning and night.

Made in Switzerland

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