Eternus-D Cellular Reviving Serum 35ml 全效細胞煥膚精華 35ml


速效袪痘袪印 針對改善水油失衡肌



  • 加速細胞代謝,提升肌膚復原能力,淡化疤痕及痘印。
  • 舒緩肌膚敏感不適,改善紅腫、痕養及皮膚泛紅等狀況。
  • 極具抗菌性,有效抑制炎症,快速擊退痘痘。
  • 重建肌膚天然屏障,維持肌膚水油平衡,令肌膚回復健康狀態。


  • 100﹪植物幹細胞 - 含豐富氨基酸,舒緩及抑制炎症,有效淡化疤痕及痘印。改善細胞新陳代謝,促進肌膚復原能力。
  • 維他命原B5 - 迅速舒緩及鎮靜敏感肌膚。深層修護保濕,維持肌膚水油平衡,解決毛孔粗大問題。
  • 海洋紅藻萃取物 - 有效抗菌、抗炎、幫助受損肌膚癒合。經研究證實,成份有效抑制各種炎症。
  • 聚水複合物 - 可為肌膚提供大量水分,加強肌膚吸收及鎖水力,保持持久的滋潤狀態。



  • 早晚潔面後,取適量均勻塗於臉部及頸部,輕柔按摩至完全吸收。可配合面霜使用以達至最佳效果


Correct Oil-Water Imbalance and Tackle Pimples and Marks

Size : 35ml

Main Effects:

  • Speeds up cellular metabolism, enhances repair mechanism and lightens scars and pimple marks.
  • Relieves skin conditions such as irritation, inflammation, itchiness and redness.
  • Inhibits inflammation with antibacterial ingredients and quickly gets rid of pimples.
  • Rebuilds skin’s natural barrier, maintains oil-water balance and revives skin to health.


Main Ingredients:

  • 100% Botanical Placenta Substitute - Rich amino acids that helps sooth and inhibit inflammation, effectively lightening scars and pimple marks by improving skin cell metabolism and the ability to repair.
  • Vitamin B5 - Immediately relieves and calms sensitive skin, deeply rehydrates to maintain oil-water balance and tackles large pores.
  • Marine Rhodophyta Extract - Effectively relieves inflammation and helps heal wounds with anti-bacterial ingredients; proven to inhibit a variety of inflammations.
  • Water Complex - Replenishes skin with water and enhances the ability to keep skin moist, maintaining a nourished, hydrated complexion.



  • After cleansing and toning, apply evenly on face and neck. Massage gently with an upward motion until fully absorbed. Follow with appropriate moisturizers. Use morning and night.

Made in Switzerland

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