*pre-order 4 weeks* Eternus-D Rosy Glow Rejuvenating Cream 30g


賦予愉悅能量  綻放粉嫩光芒



  • 能為肌膚建立高效鎖水屏障,持久保濕滋潤,賦予肌膚充足的養分。
  • 有效放鬆繃緊的肌膚,帶來愉悅心情;加速皮膚吸收能力,使養份更容易滲透至肌膚各層。
  • 能延長肌膚細胞壽命及加速細胞代謝,有效活化、重整及更新表皮幹細胞,大幅提升肌膚的光滑度。
  • 高效抗氧化功能,顯著改善膚色不均,讓每寸肌膚綻放粉嫩光芒。



  • 愉悅因子 - 是一種以植物提取的內啡肽,能提升肌膚光滑度和粉嫩度,改善膚色不均及皮膚暗沉。有效舒緩肌膚、放鬆心情,加速皮膚吸收能力。
  • 蘋果幹細胞 - 保護和活化皮膚重要的幹細胞,延長幹細胞的生命力。高效抗氧化功能,對抗自由基造成的傷害,延緩肌膚衰老,使肌膚保持年輕狀態。
  • 透明質酸 - 能吸收相當於自身重量1000倍的水分,瞬間深層補水,並增強皮膚鎖水能力。有如“海綿”為肌膚保留水分,形成保護膜,防止水分流失。
  • 澳洲堅果油 - 有效滋潤及鎮靜肌膚,立即修復因環境和日曬造成的傷害及過敏症狀。當中含葉綠素成分,能促進肌膚新陳代謝,加速傷口癒合,消退疤痕。



  • 早晚潔面後,取適量均勻塗於臉部及頸部,輕柔按摩至完全吸收。可配合精華液使用以達至最佳效果。

Bloom in Rosy Glow with Happiness

Size : 30g


  • Builds a highly effective water barrier that keeps the skin constantly hydrated and nourished.
  • Relaxes over-tense skin and lightens up mood to accelerates the skin’s absorption power, enabling easier penetration of nutrients.
  • Prolongs the skin’s cellular lifespan, enhances metabolism and smoothen the skin by activating, rebuilding and renewing epidermal stem cells.
  • Powerful anti-oxidation significantly improves uneven skin tone and creates a glowing look.


Main ingredients:

  • Happybelle - An endorphin extracted from plants that helps smoothen and brighten the skin, improve uneven skin tone and dullness, soothe and increase the skin’s absorption power while providing a relaxing sensation.
  • Phytocelltec™ Malus Domestica - It helps protect, activate and prolong the lifespan of vital stem cells in the skin. With effective anti-oxidation, it helps fight the damage of free radicals, delay ageing and maintain a youthful complexion.
  • Hyaluronic Acid - It provides instant hydration to the skin by binding up to 1,000 times its weight in water like a sponge, boosting skin’s power to stay moist.
  • Macadamia Oil - It provides instant repair to environmental and sun damage and allergies by nourishing and calming skin. The chlorophyll helps enhance metabolism, quicken healing and lighten scar.



  • Every morning and evening, smooth over thoroughly cleansed and toned skin of face and neck using a gentle ascendant motion.

    Made in Switzerland

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