THE LAUNDRESS Crease Release 60ml 衣物除皺噴霧

Product Description:
In a world of over-packed schedules (and suitcases!), ironing isn't always an option. We created this quick fix to easily remove moderate wrinkles from clothing and fabrics-both in the home and on the go. This product is ideal for shirts, suits, curtains, and more.

Ideal For:
• Removing wrinkles before wearing, while traveling, and on the go
• Cotton, linen, silk, woolens, and blends
• Shirts, suits, curtains, and other home fabrics
How to Use:
Spray item from 6 inches away and gently pat the item. Hang or lay flat in natural shape.
Surface acting agent, deionized water, essential oils, and fragrance.

Free Of:
Phosphate, phthalates, dye, and animal by-products.
放在狹小衣櫥或箱子裡的衣物總難以避免折痕產生。衣物除皺噴霧能輕鬆消除衣服上的皺折, 無需使用蒸氣和熨斗。



Made in USA

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