uka Beige Study Two 3/2 (grace) 裸色系指甲油 Two 3/2 (優雅) 10ml

Product Description:
Beige is a reliable neutral suitable for any situation!

A yellow base purple beige that strikes a balance between confidence and modesty

• Good color payoff with one coat
• Formulated for even application
• Brush designed for easy application
• Quick drying
• Serum ingredients gently care for nails
• Oxygen permeable ingredient allows nails to breathe for stress-free wear
• 9 Free fomular
How to Use:
Dip the brush on the cuticle line, wait 0.5 second and then pull in a swift stroke to the nail tip.

Apply the first coat to create an outline and the second coat for a solid coat of color. Run the bristles sideways along the tip for lasting wear.

Remove excess and clean up the cuticle line using an orangewood stick with a cotton pad soaked with remover, if necessary.
Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, Arginine, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Hydrolyzed Silk, Olive Bud Extract, Horsetail Extract, Ergothioneine, Vitamin C…etc


- 塗一層就飽和顯色
- 均勻易塗配方
- 專業掃頭設計塑造順滑無痕效果
- 快乾省時
- 含有柔和護理指甲的美容液成分
- 使用透氧性成分,透氣、無緊繃感
- 符合 9 Free
將掃頭充分沾取指甲油,放在指甲中央靠近底部,待 0.5 秒再往指甲尖端方向滑行。
茶樹精油、維生素 C, E、精氨酸、麥角硫因以… 等
Made in Japan

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