uka Color Base Coat Zero 9/0 (Lavender) 彩色指甲底油 Zero 9/0 (薰衣草紫) 10ml

Product Description
Purple with a pale lovely sense of transparency. Enjoy the lovely shades of fragrant of femininity.

- Formulated with uka better nail serum to maintain healthy nails
- Oxygen permeability which not tightening or burdening the nails
- Dibutyl phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free, toluene-free
- Surprisingly quick drying
- Glossy and easy to apply evenly
- Brings out the color of subsequent coats of polish and makes it last longer
- Does not lead to pigmentation

How to Use
it's a base-coat if apply one coat.
Apply four coats which color is like a nail polish.
You can combine several shades of base coats to make a color that best matches your skin tone.

*Make sure to clean the dirt, moisture, or sebum from the surface of your nails with removers, before use.
- 含有指甲精露,讓指甲保持健康
- 透氧性高,能讓指甲舒適,不會緊繃或加重指甲負擔,讓指甲無壓力
- 不含磷苯二甲酸鹽、不含甲醛、不含甲苯
- 速乾
- 光澤質感,易塗擦(均勻)
- 能呈現市售指甲油的自然亮澤顏色,顏色持久
- 不會導致色素沉澱
Made in Japan

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