zkin Calming Cream Cleanser 100ml


sensitive, normal or dry skin

- 適合敏感皮膚容易濕疹或過敏,孕婦或哺乳期. 

- 有機膠體燕麥片, 以其舒緩和抗發炎的特性, 再加上有機蘆薈.

- 無酒精, 溫和而有效的公式將令肌膚清爽, 乾淨和冷靜. 沒有油性殘留物.

- “油改奶”洗面產品 - 冇起泡劑, lotion狀, 直接塗上臉上用手指打圈按摩. 期間加入小量清水轉化成奶狀, 簡單用溫水洗去. 

- 85.93% organic of total


For those with sensitive skin prone to eczema or irritation, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, this cleansing cream is perfect for you! This alcohol free, gentle yet effective formula will leave skin fresh, clean and calm.

Working similarly to the oil cleansing method yet with no oily residue - the key "oil to milk" cleansing ingredient washes away with warm water - no need to use a wash cloth (unless you wish).   

Featuring organic Colloidal Oatmeal, reknown for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, plus organic aloe vera.  Suitable for use on both broken or unbroken skin.

How to use:  First remove makeup and foundation by working cleanser gently into skin (take care to avoid eyes), then remove with a cotton pad. Reapply cleanser to face with fingertips in gentle circular motion before removing with warm water and gently drying. Follow with Relief Moisturiser.

Made in Australia

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