zkin Clear Skin Toner 120ml


oily or combination skin

兩用Toner全面用既話就先將cotton pad濕水,之後倒呢款toner落去濕咗既cotton pad全面抹,咁用可以幫你減油感。 如果有痘痘既話就用第二個用法,直接倒5毫子份量落cotton pad,敷粒痘痘1分鐘,咁痘痘可以快謝d!


It’s a great multi-tasker suitable for use as a daily toner for those with combo or oily skin, as a men's aftershave and also as a blemish treatment.

The cleansing process opens the pores to expel dirt, while this natural formula uses ingredients such as witch hazel to close the pores after cleansing keeping impurities out. For those with oily skin, the use of a toner will also help to remove any excess oil that’s left on your skin.This product also contains clinically tested White Willow Bark, a natural anti-microbial to prevent skin infections and bacterial growth.

USE AS AN AFTERSHAVE: The main purpose of an after shave is to prevent any potential infections from cuts that you get while shaving. Most after shave lotions contain a form of antiseptic, usually alcohol or witch hazel to perform this task. zk'in Clear Skin Toner contains both!  

USE AS  A BLEMISH TREATMENT:  The same properties that make this toner an effective after shave also make it ideal to treat skin blemishes.

How to use:  

Toner: Add to a dampened cotton pad and apply to face and neck with gentle sweeping motion after morning and evening cleanse. For best results follow with Rebalancing Lotion.

Aftershave: Apply a small amount to a damp cotton pad and wipe across the face and neck. You can apply neat but be prepared for a slight sting.

Blemish treatment: Apply as needed undiluted to cotton pad and press directly on affected skin for 1 minute to prevent or treat an outbreak.

Made in Australia

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