zkin Relief Moisturiser 50ml


sensitive skin

- 臨床證明, 促進深入肌膚再生, 對於皮膚曬傷及敏感的皮膚帶來舒緩及滋潤.


- 棉花薊 (Gatuline皮膚修復生物), 加速癒合過程, 有助於皮膚的屏障層進行修復

- 有濕疹, 玫瑰痤瘡, 皮膚敏感都可用 (有降紅舒緩修復功效)


“Promotes in-depth skin regeneration”

Do you have chronically dry or inflammed, itchy skin? Relief Moisturiser rich in anti-inflammatory superfoods plus a clinically proven skin repair active is the perfect choice for you.

Featuring organic hemp and evening primrose oils renowned as great soothers for dry, inflamed eczema prone or itchy skin. Evening Primrose oil provides a boost in GLA (gamma linolenic acid) levels which are generally low for those who suffer with psoriasis or eczema.

This product also contains Cotton Thistle extract (Gatuline Skin Repair Bio) first developed for use in burns units as it accelerates the healing process and helps the skin barrier layer to repair. Clincially proven to promote in-depth skin regeneration, this moisturiser bring genuine relief for sunburned skin as well as sensitive skin types.  Relief Moisturiser also contains Sclerotium gum, a little known ingredient classed as a polysaccharide with anti-inflammatory properties valued as an active in the treatment of sun damaged skin (Maier et al., 1999.)

Dermatologically tested and proven non irrant even to the most sensitive of skins, Relief Moisturiser can also be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

How to use:  Apply with gentle circular motion to face and neck morning and evening after cleansing.

Made in Australia

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