Epionce Enriched Firming Mask 75ML


潤澤緊緻面膜 75ml



      • 高效保濕面膜,激活肌膚達至最佳功能
      • 蘊含皮脂化合物,抗氧化物及特強保濕劑,快速強化肌膚天然保護層功效
      • 刺激細胞製造乙醯膽素,即時增強彈性及緊緻度
      • 抑制肌膚製造破壞性炎症因子,並減少其活躍度


      • 白柳皮提取物
      • 皮層脂質前體
      • 白芒花
      • 亞麻子複合物
      This intensely hydrating mask is designed to rapidly repair, strengthen and fortify the skin barrier, increasing elasticity and firmness. This mask has highly emollient properties that maximize skin wellness with a proprietary blend of key neurotransmitter and barrier lipids, antioxidant botanical extracts and potent, powerful humectants.

      Key Benefits

      • Intensely hydrating mask maximally stimulates the skin’s function
      • Proprietary blend of lipid precursors, antioxidants, and humectants rapidly strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier
      • Immediately increases elasticity and firmness with rapid production of the acetylcholine by providing its precursor lipids
      • Helps reduce and prevent activation and release of inflammatory factors

      Key Ingredients

      • White Willow Bark
      • Proprietary blend acetylcholine precursor lipids
      • Meadowfoam
      • Flax Complex

         Made In USA

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