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2023 Xmas Aquafolia Perfect Balance Collection
2023 Xmas Aquafolia Soothing Comfort Collection
2023 Xmas Aquafolia Radiance Glow Collection
2023 Xmas Aquafolia Intensive Lift Collection
2023 Xmas Hakme Beauty Eye Care Set
2023 Xmas Hakme Beauty Anti-Acne Set
2023 Xmas Esterel Fortifiant Shampoo Set
2023 Xmas Esterel Energizing Set
2023 Xmas Esterel Advanced Energizing Set
2023 Xmas Esterel Golden Set
2023 Xmas Esterel Lifting Set
2023 Xmas Esterel Hydra Evolution Set
2023 Xmas CS12 Calming Ampoules & Miracle Mask Set
2023 Xmas CS12 Miracle Set
2023 Xmas Elixir & CS12 Ampoules Set
2023 Xmas Elixir Set
2023 Xmas Hakme Beauty Hero Item Set
Aquafolia Exfoliant Enzymatique/Enzymatic Exfoliant Set 套裝 (step 1 30ml x 1 + step 2 30ml x 2)
Aquafolia Sève apaisante nettoyante/Soothing Cleansing Essence 180ml **2 BOTTLES / 2支裝**
ESTEREL PHYTO ÉQUILIBRANTE Sérum Purifiant PG Normalizing Serum Gel 30ml **2 BOTTLES / 2支裝**
ELIXIR Maximum Hydration Ampoules Set **3 BOXES / 3盒裝** (10ampoules x 2ml per box)
CS12 THE CALMING AMPOULE (7ampoules Per Box) **3 BOXES** 奇蹟抗敏安瓶 (每盒7支) 3盒裝
CS12 MIRACLE MASK [FDA REGISTERED] (7pcs Per Box) **3 BOXES** 皇牌抗敏奇蹟面膜 [FDA鑒證版] (每盒7塊) 3盒裝
Magic Reborn Extra Glow Mask Set **4 BOXES** (5 pcs per box) 皇牌亮肌面膜4盒裝 (一盒五片)
ESTEREL Phyto Action Purifiante + ANTI-DANDRUFF PURIFYING SHAMPOO 260ml **2 BOTTLES / 2支裝**
ESTEREL Cheveux Demineralisee Plus Mineralizing Gentle Hair Lotion 10 ampoules x 10 ml each **2 BOXES / 2盒裝**
Phytocode Gentle Intimate Wash 200ml **2 BOTTLES / 2支裝**
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*pre-order 4-6 weeks* Sigma The Essentials Set
*pre-order 4-6 weeks* Sigma Face Essentials Set
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