TALIKA Bio Enzymes Eye Patch Ultra-Hydratant(5 patches) 完美再生眼膜(5對)








• 透明質酸: 保濕鎖水。

• 益生菌提取物: 加強皮膚屏障。

• 蘆薈提取物: 補水及舒緩。

• 洋甘菊提取物: 舒緩和修護。

• 生物纖維: 100%純天然發酵酶所製成的納米纖維。融合純水、精密、超彈性及3D設計,能促進肌膚對營養精華的吸收能力。



• 深層持久保濕

• 修復眼周細紋

• 強化肌膚屏障

• 五分鐘可見即時效果

• 效用持久


    Ultra-hydrating eye contour patch, in biocellulose enriched with hyaluronic acid and probiotic extracts.
    TALIKA, your gaze is the new smile.



    Talika, a pioneer in biocellulose masks, is launching its 1st patches with hyaluronic acid and probiotic extracts for the eye area. Biocellulose is a “second skin” nanofiber resulting from the fermentation of coconut water. Its ultra-fine 3-dimensional structure helps retain a high dose of active ingredients and infuse them into the skin, increasing their effectiveness tenfold. A flash solution to smooth dehydration fine lines around the eyes and deeply quench the skin's thirst. A fresher look in just a few minutes.


    Unique Formula

        Hyaluronic acid: retains up to 1000 times its weight in water.

        Probiotic extracts (lactobacillus): strengthen the skin barrier.

        Aloe vera extracts: quenches, plumps, soothes.

        Chamomile extract: soothes and protects.

        Biocellulose: “second skin” nanofiber derived from coconut water which retains a high concentration of active ingredients thanks to its 3D structure and boosts their effectiveness. Intense freshness effect.



    • Deeply thirst-quenching

    • Intense and lasting freshness

    • Smooth fine lines from dehydration

    • Strengthen the skin barrier

    • Respectful of the delicate eye contour area 

    • Flash effect (results visible in 5 minutes).

    • Long-lasting efficiency.


    Made in Korea

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