TALIKA Eyebrow Lipocils Expert 眉毛濃密增長滋潤液 10ml




  • 濃度增加:+61%*
  • 脫落減少:+73%*
  • 密度增加:+81%*
  • 眉毛自然色澤:+59%*
  • 臉部輪廓突出:79%* 


眉毛是刻畫臉部輪廓的重要元素。一個誘惑的眼神,眉毛更是其中的主要功臣,因此它們絕對值得你的注意及關心。眉毛需要定時的保養,否則它們也會因過度修眉及日曬而引致停止生長及眉色變淺。因此,TALIKA在眉毛治療上提供了最好的配方(13種不同的天然活性成分 ):眉毛濃密增長滋潤液 。


  • 刺激眉毛自然生長和增強黑色素形成,眉色的天然色素。
  • 加強眉毛的下錨 


  • 金鏤梅
  • 蘋果
  •  毛喉鞘蕊花提取物
  • 紅三葉


  • 使用刷頭塗抹滋潤液至眉毛根部,再用掃子掃於眉毛上
  • 可於化妝前使用

My eyebrows enhanced in 28 days,
my magnetism unleashed!

After 6 weeks of consumer test :

  • Thicker: 61%
  • Fall less: 73%
  • Fewer holes: 81%
  • Intensified color: 59%
  • Face has more character: 79%

Eyebrow Lipocils Expert

Eyebrows define the structure of the face. They are a real asset for seduction and deserve care and attention. They are sometimes traumatized by excessive plucking and sun exposure, so they no longer grow and become discolored. Therefore, TALIKA is offering the very best of its formulas(The complex of 13 plants) in one eyebrow treatment: EYEBROW LIPOCILS EXPERT®.


  • Stimulates natural eyebrow growth and boosts melanin production, the natural pigment of eyebrow color.
  • Reinforces the anchorage of the eyebrow.


  • Apply with the foam-tip applicator to the base of clean eyebrows, then brush through eyebrows
  • Can apply makeup afterwards
  • Apply to the roots of the eyebrows every morning and night for 28 days and after all year around once a day.

     Made in France

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