BONDI WASH Floor Wash Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender 500ml


A fragrant way to wash floors harnessing the anti-bacterial properties of Australian botanicals.  A highly concentrated formulation which is 99% plant derived – safe for all surfaces including wood, marble and tile.  Just a capful required in a standard bucket for general cleaning or mopping. 

Bondi Wash tip: Ideal for when babies start crawling on the floor to protect against harsh chemicals found in common household cleaners.

Ingredients: Purified water, plant-derived surfactants, citric acid, Australian bush oils, essential oils, food-grade preservative.

Made in Australia


• 高濃度配方,每桶水只需用一瓶蓋(6-7毫升)份量
• 非常溫和的配方
• 99%+植物來源成分
將少量倒入一桶溫水清潔地板或進行一般清潔。 可以直接應用於海綿用於重點清潔。


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