erbaviva lavender & geranium organic deodorant 有機薰衣草天竺葵香體噴霧 110ml


erbaviva lavender & geranium certified usda organic deodorant spray contains highly effective organic essential oils that balance perspiration and naturally fight underarm bacteria. this natural deodorant contains quickly evaporating organic grain alcohol with organic extracts of lavender, geranium, bergamot and lemon oils, offering a fragrant, floral and effective mist of safe and pure bacterial and odor protection. unlike many other deodorants on the market that stain your clothes you can spray this onto a white silk blouse and won’t see a thing. aluminum free and all ingredients are 100% certified usda organic.

有機薰衣草精油、有機天竺葵精油、有機佛手柑精油、有機檸檬精油、有機穀物酒精等如原廠所示 。


Made in USA

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