erbaviva organic buzz spray 有機防蚊蟲噴霧 120ml

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organic buzz spray is a proprietary bug repelling blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils. this all natural solution to combat buzzing insects is effective and certified demeter biodynamic. biodynamic farming takes organic a step further viewing agriculture as a holistic system where the soil, seeds, animals, and people are part of an interconnected whole.

catnip, eucalyptus, cedarwood, citronella and lemongrass naturally emit a bright citrusy aroma. the biodynamic certification assure this alternative insect repellent can be used without worry of harsh chemicals and harmful synthetics. a bug spray to defy standard bug sprays. 

hero ingredients:  

organic citronella essential oil

according to the international journal of advanced research, citronella oil is noted for its efficiency in repelling mosquitoes. it has a warm, zesty aroma, and is safe for the whole family.

organic lemongrass essential oil

with its citrusy, bright aroma and high efficacy, lemongrass oil has become one of the most popular natural insect repellents.

rosemary co2 extract

used as natural antioxidant to help extend shelf life and freshness without the use of harmful   preservatives.


apply to exposed skin, hair and clothing before going outdoors. reapply frequently. shake well before use.

caution: flamable, do not spray into the face or eyes

有機防蚊蟲噴霧是一種專有的驅蟲劑,以有機和生物動力精油調配而成。用全天然對抗蚊蟲的有效方法,是有效且經過認證的demeter生物動力學。 生物動力農業促進農場整個有機體,將土壤、種子、動物和人相互聯繫。

貓薄荷、尤加利、雪松、香茅和檸檬草散發出明亮自然的柑橘香氣。 藉著生物動力認證確保使用這種天然蚊蟲噴霧,不含有害化學品和合成物,打破傳統防蚊蟲噴霧使用化學成份概念。

- 95%有機成份
- 生物動力認證
- 不含防腐劑、人造色素及香料
- 不含石油副產品
- 無動物測試




Made in USA

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