*pre-order 4 weeks* LOVEISDERMA B5 Hydraboost Gelly Masque B5 保濕凝凍面膜 500g



● 創新獨特高效清爽凝膠配方,富含多種高滲透保濕成份及維他命 B5,為肌膚帶來彈力及長效保濕力!
● 獨特異構糖鎖水因子和維他命 B5,強化肌膚屏障,提昇長效保濕能力;海藻糖及珊瑚藻萃取,提高肌膚含水量,讓肌膚水嫩年輕。
● 蝸牛黏液精萃富含修護性黏多醣幫助調理修護,使肌膚回復健康光澤。
● 密集滲透修護美肌,改善肌膚乾燥狀況;日曬後使用立即潤澤同時舒緩肌膚不適。

於臉頸部清潔後,均勻厚敷於保養部位(厚度以 0.5 cm 最佳,避開眼、唇部),
待 20 至 30 分鐘後,利用刮勺將臉部殘留之凝膠刮除,再以清水沖洗即可。


Ingredients:Water, Glycerin, Glycereth-26, Panthenol, Carbomer, Saccharide Isomerate, Glycosyl Trehalose, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate…

This gel-based masque is enhanced with a unique complex containing hydrators which helps increase skin’s hydration level and retain its natural protective barrier to prevent moisture loss. Ideal for use on a variety of skin types which include dry, dehydrated, aging and stressed skin.

Directions For Use:
Evenly apply a thick layer (approximately 5mm thick) to cleansed skin, avoid contact with eyes and lips. Leave for 20~30 minutes, and then remove excess gel with a spatula and wash off remaining.

Made in Taiwan

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